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Our primary goal at CopyChemistry is to make you pass – straight A’s. We make learning in chemistry simple and easy – whether it’s tutoring, assignment help or more…

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Need tutoring for a semester

Failing, falling behind or not understanding certain topics can be disheartening. We offer support throughout the semester and help you pass each lesson, assignment and more…


Upcoming Test

The fear of not being adequately prepared, struggling with specific topics, or facing tight deadlines can cause sleepless nights. We are your ultimate solution for test preparation.


Trying to learn everything

Exploring every nook and cranny of chemistry, from organic to inorganic, physical to analytical, can leave you feeling like you’re drowning in a sea of information. Our mission is to help you navigate efficiently.


Beginner problems​

At CopyChemistry, we understand the challenges beginners face. We are here to provide a solid foundation, ensuring that you grasp the fundamental principles with ease, setting you on the path to becoming confident in the field.

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One-on-One tutoring

Whether you’re just starting your chemistry journey, diving deep into complex topics, or need focused support for an upcoming test, our experienced tutors are here to guide you.



Studying chemistry effectively is an art, and we understand that finding the right study approach can be a puzzle. We offer personalized guidance to help you get the best results.


Assignment help

When you’re striving for academic excellence or facing challenges in school work, get homework help quickly. Upload your questions and get expert tutor opinions. Connect with a tutor for explanation and assignment help.

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