Press release - having an online class - copychemistry

CopyChemistry launches to address the Educational Gaps in STEM and Expands its Online Tutoring Services

Press release - having an online class - copychemistry

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15th April, 2024.

Wyoming, United States – Currently, the United States faces an uphill task in STEM education –  especially in Chemistry – which has become a source of concern for stakeholders in the industry. 

As luck would have it, CopyChemistry, a leading Edtech and online tutoring company, has officially launched its services to bridge the gap. 

Although the company has launched since 2022, it’s expanded beyond it’s original borders and was officially registered as an LLC in Wyoming, United States. Without wasting any time, CopyChemistry is set to transform remote tutoring and learning for high school, college and university students globally.

In the last four years, CopyChemistry has been delivering more than 100 hours of exceptional online tutoring service and academic support to its clients worldwide. 

The company recognizes the compelling need for advanced STEM education, especially in chemistry for its clients. The primary mission of CopyChemistry is to offer exceptional tutoring services to students in the United States and other countries.

The world we live in currently is a fast-paced digital world, and working parents find it a tad difficult to adequately monitor their child’s academic progress. 

In this regard, CopyChemistry offers remote tutoring services which is the perfect lifeline for parent’s in this situation. Our premium ensures that our students get the required guidance and tutoring for assignments, consultations, and remote learning. 

We use the best tutors and state-of-the-of-the-art technology to make learning chemistry as easy as possible with the primary goal of passing their exams, coursework and assignments in flying colors. We offer quality education with ease of access anytime, anywhere.

That’s not all, university students are not left out as CopyChemistry offers personalized tutoring services to help them understand and pass hard-to-understand topics in Chemistry. In addition, we offer them other kinds of support to ensure they become straight A-students. 

The primary driver of CopyChemistry’s success are its expert tutors – most of which are first-class graduates in chemistry and other STEM courses. 

They are quite knowledgeable, patient and have the requisite experience needed to impact knowledge to their students. 

Our tutor’s success rates are so good that they have achieved an impressive 80 percent success rate, with students consistently earning A’s and a minimum of B’s after undergoing detailed tutoring sessions.

What sets CopyChemistry apart is our commitment to offering personalized and specialized tutoring for every student. 

In contrast to traditional tutoring methods, our tutors are calm, attentive, and professionals at tailoring their approach to meet the unique needs of each student. 

By doing this, we ensure every student understands complex concepts and understands the topic or subject in question.

“We are so happy to start this new phase of our growth and expansion,” says Ike Nwafor CEO Founder and CEO of CopyChemistry. 

“At CopyChemistry, we believe that every student deserves access to quality education, regardless of their geographical location or socioeconomic background. With the new services we’re offering, we are sure that we can empower more students to achieve academic success.”

For more information about CopyChemistry and its range of tutoring services, please visit the website or check out their social media pages on X, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. 

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